EYPNAA – EYP Norway Alumni Association

The EYP Norway Alumni Organisation is the branch of the organisation in charge of the member base and the communication with young people. Its board consists of members of the organisation who is responsible for the daily operations of the organisation, which includes the organisation of the National and Regional Sessions, informing and cooperation with the members and the follow-up of the Regional Boards of EYP Norway. The board is selected each year at the Annual Meeting held the day after Closing Ceremony of the National Selection Conference. All members are eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting. More information on how to become a member.

You can reach the EYPNAA Board on email or through personal messages on Facebook! If you know who on the board you want to get in contact with, you can also contact them through the individual information that is given under each board member under. If you’re not sure who to contact, please just use the general email provided below.

Email: eypnaa@eyp.no


Eva Thorshaug –  have primary responsibility for the day-to-day work of EYPNAA together with the Vice President. The President also has a seat in the Board of the National Committee. You can contact Eva by emailing president@eyp.no or on Facebook.

Vice President:

Marlene Karstensen – have primary responsibility for the day-to-day work of EYPNAA together with the President. You can contact Marlene by emailing vicepresident@eyp.no or on Facebook.

National Coordinator:

Mats Jensen – The National Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the Regional Sessions of EYP Norway, as well as communicating frequently with the local chapters of EYP Norway throughout the year. You can contact Mats by emailing nationalcoordinator@eyp.no or on Facebook.

Head of Communication:

Amanda Louise Bolann Håland – The Head of Communications is responsible for web, information, marketing and the graphic profiles of EYP Norway. You can contact Marthe by emailing communications@eyp.no or on Facebook.

Head Organiser:

Erika Dalsgaard Brunner and Henning Undheim – The Head Organisers of the National Selection Conference have the main responsibility of planning our annual National Selection Conference. You can contact Erika and Henning by emailing headorganisers@eyp.no.


Anne Sigrid Lindblad Stokke – The Treasurer is in charge of financial matters within the organisation, such as overseeing budgets and fundraising. You can contact Anne by emailing treasurer@eyp.no or on Facebook.