International Sessions

International Sessions (ISs) are the flagship events of the European Youth Parliament (EYP), and are currently organised three times a year; spring summer and fall. The ISs are hosted by a National Committee of the EYP, and each of them brings together about 300 young people from around 40 European countries for 9 to 10 days each. EYP Norway sends a delegation of 7 delegates for each IS, where for the Fall and Spring one the delegation consists of delegates selected from the previous National Selection Conference. Meanwhile, for the Summer ISs, all members of EYP Norway can apply to become a member of the Norwegian delegation. Information on how to apply will be posted in Facebook-page of EYP Norway.

Upcoming International sessions:

90th International Session (Summer 2019), Valencia, Spain

91st International Session (Autumn 2019), Hamburg, Germany

92nd Internationa Session (Spring 2020), Milan, Italy

93rd International Session (Summer 2020), Warsaw, Poland

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