Would you like to run for the board of EYP Norway Alumni Association (EYPNAA) for 2021 or as the alumni representative for the National Committee (NC) 2021-22?

We’re looking for candidates who would want to be a part of next year’s national board of EYPNAA as well as a new alumni representative for our National Committee! The election will take place on the 12th of September, the day after Stavanger 2020 – 18th National Selection Conference of EYP Norway, during our Annual General Meeting.

More information about the process of the election is given by the President of the Nominating Committee, here.

To show you’re interested in running, fill out this form for the board of EYPNAA and this form for the NC alumni representative.

For more information about the different positions, ta...

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DIKU: Søk om å delta på EYP Norges Nasjonale konferanse

Are you a teacher or a student who wants your school to send a delegation to EYP Norway’s Annual Selection Conference –Stavanger 2020 – 18th National Selection Conference of EYP Norway?

Make sure to get in touch with the teacher who is responsible for EYP at your school and make them send in an application to participate at our National Selection Conference, which will take place in Stavanger from the 9th to the 11th of September! The conference will host 33 different delegations, consiting of one teacher and three students each. This is a great opportunity for students to learn more about political decision-making, Europe and international cooperation in practice.

Follow this link to find out how to apply and be sure to send in your school’s application to befor...

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Regional Session in Kristiansand 19-20.03.2020 cancelled due to the spread of covid-19

The board of EYPNAA is sad to inform that the 24th Regional Session of EYP Norway – Kristiansand 2020, taking place from the 19th to the 20th of March, has been cancelled. Due to the rapid development of the covid-19 virus and the new restrictions set in place by the Norwegian government on the 12th of March 2020, hosting this event would no longer be possible.  

We are extremely sorry for all the inconvenience this brings to our participants and sincerely hope that another session will be taking place in this area when the conditions are back to normal.  

We would like to bring our deepest appreciations to all the officials that have been working on this project for months and to the dedication and hard work put into the arrangement of this session...

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Vote for a new alumni-representative for the National Committee

Dear members of EYP Norway,

The voting period for the extraordinary election of a new alumni representative to EYP Norway’s National Committee is now open. The spot that is going to be filled is for a period of one year, and now you are able to influence who should have this spot!

Two people have shown interests in this role, and they are:

Anniken Katrine Knudsen

Endre Holstad Haugland (film)

To read their manifestos (in Norwegian) you can follow this link.

The election will take place in the form of online voting, and will be open between 24.-30.10.2019. When you’ve read about the candidates and decided who to vote for you can vote through this link. Voting is only open for paying members, if you’re currently not a member you can join EYPNAA here.

We encourage everyone who can to vote!

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Registration for our Annual General Meeting (AGM)

We’re opening up the registration for our Annual General Meeting (AGM) which will be held the 14th of September 2019, the day after Oslo 2019 ends. Please read the attached invitation for further insight into the location and specific time of the meeting.

Deadline: 20th of August, 2019
Registration form:

See you at our AGM in September!

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Run for the board of EYPNAA 2020!

Would you like to run for the board of EYP Norway Alumni Association (EYPNAA) for 2020?

We’re looking for candidates who would want to be a part of next years board, where the election will take place 14th of September, right after Oslo 2019, during our Annual General Meeting.

To show you’re interested in running, fill out this form

The nominating committee, the committee responsible for nominating potential candidates for the different positions will consist of:

  • Einar Stefánsson, former Head Organiser of the National Session and other sessions of EYP Norway
  • Johan Martin Emberland Johnsen, former head organiser of the National Session
  • Marthe Wedøe, current Head of Communication
  • Liv Marie Rønhovde, current president of EYPNAA and leader of the nominating committee.

For information ...

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Call for Head Organisers for our Regional Sessions 2020

Dear EYPers,

The last few years EYP Norway has organised regional sessions around the country and we wish to continue this tradition in 2020. A regional session is a great opportunity to introduce hundreds of young students to EYP and our values, whilst being a place for Norwegian EYPers to try out different roles at sessions.

We are looking for 1-2 Head Organisers in 3 different regions.

After evaluating our 2019 regional sessions, as well as the board’s capacity to follow up the head organisers, we have come to the conclusion to limit our regional sessions to three per year wherever it is motivation and engagement to organise a regional session.

The regional sessions in 2020 will take place between January and March...

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Summer Alumni Weekend

We are happy to announce the dates and the location for our annual summer alumni weekend. The event will take place from the 9th to the 11th of August in Bergen this year. It will include several modules on various subjects and have lots of bonding time. The Head Organiser is Daniel Røvik.

You can already join Daniel today by applying as a core organiser!

Link to the application form:…/summer-alumni-weekend-eyp-nor…
DEADLINE: 27th of March 23:59

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Lørdag 15. september 2018 avholdt EYPNAA sin årlige generalforsamling i Drammen, tradisjon tro i etterkant av årets nasjonalsesjon. Der ble det gjort en gjennomgang og evaluering av året som har gått, med et spesielt fokus på styrets arbeid, de ulike sesjonene og arrangementene som ble gjennomført, samt lokallagenes aktivitet. Videre ble det gjennomført et valg av nytt styre for 2019, og listen foreligger som følgende:

Leder: Liv Marie Rønhovde
Nestleder: Daniel Røvik
Nasjonal koordinator: Marthe Macody Tufte Lund
Web og info-ansvarlig: Marthe Wedøe
Økonomiansvarlig: Henry Grindheim Hogstad
Hovedarrangører for nasjonalsesjonen 2019: Eva Thorshaug og Mats Philippe Jensen

Alumnirepresentant til nasjonalkomiteen: Ine Johanne Bjerknes Møllegaard

Til orientering vil det nye sty...

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SIU: Søk om å delta på årets store EYP Konferanse!

Senter for Internasjonalisering av Utdanning (SIU) har laget en flott reportasje om hva Europeisk Ungdomsparlament (EYP/EUP) er, og hvorfor du og din skole burde søke. Vår egen styrerepresentant og Lærer i EYP, Anne Grønlie forklarer og utdyper både hva EYP er, hvorfor man bør delta, og hvordan man søker om å delta. Men vær snar, søknadsfristen utløper den 15 Mars!

Årets Nasjonalkonferanse går av stabelen på Voss mellom 13. og 15. September, og er åpen for hele 33 skoler, som alle kan sende tre elever og en lærer. Det summerer seg opp til mere enn 130 deltagere fra hele landet. Når det i tillegg kommer det elever fra to utenlandske skoler, så er det her duket for en kjempefest med stort læringsutbytte for både elever og lærere!

SIUs artikkel kan leses i sin helhet her

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